Hey there, I’m Sverrir, the guy behind this whole thing. I grew up in my family’s coffee shop, so I've been around it for my whole life. For me, coffee is filled with love, so that’s why Puffin Coffee is run here right outside my kitchen window. It all started when I signed up for an ultra marathon bike ride for the UK charity Ambitious About Autism, which focuses on autism aid. On September 7th, I’ll be biking 220 miles from Manchester to London.
Part of the deal for me to take part is that I have to raise £750 for the charity. That’s where Puffin Coffee comes in. Technically I’m not selling anything outside my window. I make coffee because I love it, and you drink coffee because you love it, and then you can donate however much you’d like to Ambitious About Autism, a cause close to my heart. My best friend’s son is diagnosed with autism, and as a psychology student, I’m passionate about research into the causes of this developmental disorder.
It’s coffee for a good cause, and sometimes I can even throw in a muffin or cookie if my grandma has stopped by to drop off a batch. Thank you for coming by online, and I hope to see you at my window!

I also want to thank my sponsors WOWair and Örninn. To contact me please send me an email at sverrirrolf@gmail.com.